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HOLLYRIDGELAND - The Songs Of Robin & Judithe Randall

Deluxe 8CD Box Set in Slipcover (DVD Size) All Previously Unreleased. Limited Edition, 500 Units.

Hollyridge is the house in Hollywood where songwriting mother and daughter duo Robin & Judith Randall wrote the bulk of their much-loved songs. Together and with other writing partners, the Randalls put together a catalog of songs rivalled by few others. The Randalls were the songwriting team behind Marcie Free''s Long Way From Love; James Christian''s Rude Awakening, Venus & Mars and the many songs of Baywatch.

This set features a complete disc of vocals from Marcie Free, another from James Christian; Steve Zell; Diana DeWitt and a reimagining of the AOR masterpiece Long Way From Love featuring the complete set of songs with different performers. Includes vocals of many other melodic rock stars such as Robert Tepper, Curt Cuomo, Kelly Keagy, Aina, Kristina Nicholas and more. Over 100 songs plus a deluxe book.