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THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA - Aeromantic II - Digi + 1 -

The Night Flight Orchestra is back, the band that formed as an idea of friends from several well-known rock/metal bands (Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Mean Streak) back almost a decade ago and has been dropping jaws ever since. With 5 albums already under their belt, 2 nominations for the Swedish Grammies, countless live shows and praises from fans and media alike, the TNFO members have steadily upped their game when it comes to paying tribute to a decade that influences all sorts of people and even industries to this day: the 80s. With hits like "Domino", "Lovers In The Rain", "West Ruth Ave", "Divinyls" or "This Time", the band manages to maintain a variety of vibes and emotions within every album. From hard rockers, poppy digressions to progressive epics, disco-esque songs and almost cheesy yet loveable ballads.
Enter 2020, TNFO had just released their recent record "Aeromantic" and kicked off their European tour in support of it, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Björn Strid, the AOR dictator helming this exceptional collective called TNFO, recalls: "We made it one week into the tour after some absolutely amazing shows and then it all went south and we had to go home. Just about everyone on the tour got sick when they came home, with varied conditions." The band didn''''t step back and accepted the situation, but decided to do what to do best instead: "It was pretty clear after some months into the Covid madness, that it was here to stay and that we weren''''t gonna be able to tour for quite some time. So we made the best out of it. The remedy was simply to hit the studio again as soon as everybody was well again. It ended up being an incredibly creative 1,5 years and so many amazing songs came out of it."
With all that new greatness up the sleeves, TNFO is ready to take the world by storm again! Even though coming up with a setlist for the scheduled tour starting in September may prove to become problematic according to the AOR dictator: "Making a setlist might end up being a nightmare ha ha ... I would be up for doing only songs off Aeromantic I and Aeromantic II since that''''s really where we''''re at right now, but I think most of our the Midnight Flyers would like to hear some old stuff too. Maybe we could get away with it as l