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KISSIN DYNAMITE - Living In The Fast Lane - Best Of -

Living In The Fastlane - This motto, taken from the "Generation Goodbye" album pretty much sums up the success story that is KISSIN'''''''''''''''' DYNAMITE. Landing a major deal right off the bat with the debut album "Steel Of Swabia", the band accelerated from 0 to lightspeed - no wonder they quickly scored high-profile live slots like the Bang Your Head festival, or supporting Heavy Metal legend U.D.O. on a Europe tour; never shy of making clear to their exponentially growing fanbase and the rest of the world that the are a force to be reckoned with - and surely here to stay. In 2021, nearly 20 years after the band''''''''''''''''s inception under a different name, "Living In The Fastlane - The Best Of KISSIN'''''''''''''''' DYNAMITE" provides a wholesome retrospective to their discography so far, from the beginnings on "Steel Of Swabia" through milestone albums like "Money, Sex & Power" and "Generation Goodbye" to their latest output "Ecstasy". A diverse and carefully curated selection containing every facet of the Rock Chameleon KISSIN'''''''''''''''' DYNAMITE - fist-in-the-air hits, live versions, Japan bonuses and in this form previously unreleased material from their whole discography - invites the sworn fan to join an emotional adrenaline road trip on the nostalgia (fast)lane, but will also thrill and convert even the very last listener that hasn''''''''''''''''t been a KISSIN'''''''''''''''' DYNAMITE fan up to now.

1 I''ve Got the Fire
2 I Will Be King
3 Dna
4 You''re Not Alone
5 Fireflies
6 Generation Goodbye
7 Love Me Hate Me (Live in Stuttgart)
8 If Clocks Were Running Backwards
9 Ecstasy
10 Money, Sex & Power
11 . Six Feet Under

- Disc 2 -

1 Against the World (Live)
2 Running Free
3 Hashtag Your Life
4 Supersonic Killer (Live)
5 Steel of Swabia (Live)
6 Heart of Stone
7 All Are Equal
8 Going All in
9 In the Eye of the Shitstorm
10 Living in the Fastlane (Radio Edit)