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BRITNY FOX - Boys In Heat - Remastered -

Digitally remastered edition. Includes 16 page full-color booklet, 4,000 word essay with new interviews, enhanced artwork and previously unseen photos. The success of Britny Fox''''''''s debut album took many by surprise but to those who had been following this quartet in the Philadelphia clubs it came as clear confirmation that this high energy four piece were primed for the big time. Recorded this time in New York, they turned to respected British-born producer Neil Kernon (Michael Bolton, Autograph, Dokken etc) to man the controls and help them to reach the next level. Boys In Heat is a powerful statement of intent, musically eclipsing their debut by a wide margin, but it also bought to the fore a number of problems both internally and externally. Importantly, band leader and vocalist ''''''''Dizzy'''''''' Dean Davidson was beginning to separate himself from the rest of the band, even if the songs and playing didn''''''''t exactly hint at that eventuality. This album is packed with volume-packed riffs and exceptional shout-it-out-loud hooks. Tracks such as ''''''''Living On A Dream'''''''', ''''''''Standing In The Shadows'''''''' and ''''''''Plenty Of Love'''''''' propelled themselves to the front of the pack.

1 In Motion
2 Standing in the Shadows
3 Hair of the Dog
4 Livin'''''''' on a Dream
5 She''''''''s So Lonely
6 Dream on
7 Long Way from Home
8 Plenty of Love
9 Stevie
10 Shine on
11 Angel in My Heart
12 Left Me Stray
13 Longroad