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CRYSTAL BALL - Crysteria

The album "CRYSTERIA" opens a new chapter in Crystal Ball''s history. In their 3rd decade, the band is far from just repeating itself, and you can find new, fresh, and energetic elements in their music. Crystal Ball took it''s time during the pandemic-related break to write lots of new material, so they could choose from over 30 Songs for the "CRYSTERIA" album. Crystal Ball''s new guitar player Peter Berger also contributed many songs and ideas to this album. He was a very refreshing and motivating input. The production of "CRYSTERIA", that was taken care of by Stefan Kaufmann, improved even further and reflects the bands live energy perfectly. The album features the vocal duet "Call Of The Wild" with Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, MSG) whom the band got to know at a festival in Switzerland in 2018. The album also contains the band duet "Crystal Heart" with the guys from Jaded Heart. This song was written by members of both bands. As both bands are friends for a long time, Crystal Ball invited Jaded Heart as special guest on their planned headliner tour in 2022.