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LIFE OF A HERO - Letting Go - Midnite City Vega -

“Letting Go” is the debut album from British act LIFE OF A HERO consisting of current members of Midnite City & Vega and boasts the unique vocal talents of Russ Grimmett – son of the legendary singer Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper).

When you have the guitarist, bassist, and drummer of Midnite City performing together here, you only can expect quality, add to that Russ Grimmett’s impressive vocals and a strong, punchy melodic hard rock / AOR songwriting plus a production inspired by the glorious era, yeah, we have a winner here. Midnite City’s Pete Newdeck not only play, but also mixed & produced, and the whole thing has been mastered by Harem Scarem’s very own Harry Hess, who also features as a guest vocalist.