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AUTOGRAPH - The Anthology

A very special 2CD ''''80s metal retrospective from Los Angeles-born and bred band Autograph!

Includes the original studio demo version of the band''''s monster hit single "Turn Up The Radio" plus more pre-Sign In Please demos, which landed the group a major label deal with RCA in 1984! Also features newer recordings from Autograph frontman Steve Plunkett that fans will surely enjoy! Previously available as CLP7056

- Disc 1 -

1 Turn Up the Radio (Demo Version)
2 Send Her to Me (Demo Version)
3 Nineteen and Non-Stop (Demo Version
4 Deep End (Demo Version)
5 Friday (Demo Version)
6 All I''''m Gonna Take (Demo Version)
7 Cloud 10 (Demo Version)
8 In the Night (Demo Version)
9 Angel in Black
10 All Night Long
11 Heartattack
12 When I''''m Gone
13 I''''ve Got You
14 One-Way Dead-End Street
15 Sanctuary
16 Sweet Temptation
17 Love Comes Easy
18 Angela

- Disc 2 -

1 Break a Sweat
2 Shake the Tree
3 She''''s the Reason
4 Fed Up with Bein'''' Down
5 That
6 Party Like We Did
7 Buzz
8 Like It Hot
9 Heart Raper
10 Can''''t Stop Rockin''''
11 Turn Up the Radio (Unplugged)
12 Turn Up the Radio (Alternate Electric Version)