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STEELHEART Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of Swedish Melodic Rock / AOR band CAUGHT IN ACTION for its debut-album.

The musicians of CAUGHT IN ACTION have been played an active part of the Rock scene in Sweden for more than three decades. They all have had separate careers in different bigger and smaller local bands as well as they worked as backing-musicians for guesting stars on live stage or in the studio

With various successful gigs on their shoulders, they finally decided that it was the right time to release an album that could include their musical influences (as Deep Purple, Journey, Magnum, Danger Danger) with an updated sound, still keeping their big 80s roots strong.

Two years in the making and the result is simply awesome, an album that can live up to the big names of the Swedish Melodic Rock like Europe, Alien, Treat and Bad Habit as well as W.E.T and Perfect Plan.