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EVIL INVADERS - Shattering Reflection

2022 release. Belgian Metal frontrunners Evil Invaders unleash their third album, Shattering Reflection. It took the band almost five years to craft a new record and it has been undoubtably worth the wait. Evil Invaders have found the perfect balance between fast, mid and slow tempo songs focusing on strong choruses, touching lyrics and even some progressive touches that will grab every Heavy Metal fan by the throat and screaming for more! Evil Invaders''''s Shattering Reflection is promising to be a game-changer for the Belgian 4-piece as the band seems to have found their own formula to turn Heavy Metal into another extreme direction.

1 Hissing in Crescendo
2 Die for Me
3 In Deepest Black
4 Sledgehammer Justice
5 Forgotten Memories
6 Realm of Shadows
7 Eternal Darkness
8 My World
9 Aeon
10 The Circle