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LIONSOUL - A Pleade To Darkness

Imagine your planet at the end of its life and you have the burden to preserve the knowledge. So you take a spaceship for a trip to L.A. in 2049 meanwhile you pass through a portal between 1953 to 1986 and also you change your skin to save the human race from a virus. “A Pledge to Darkness” is the third album of the band, following the highly acclaimed “Welcome Storm” (Limb Music). The record is a huge step forward in the band''''''''s career as it is heterogeneous, in some ways darker than the previous ones. It brings with it nuances ranging from thrash to melodic death metal, including some death metal vocals in order to give more emphasis to certain passages. The album is a composition of different stylistic approaches that converge into the power/heavy roots that still remain at the basis of their sound. The songs range from a classic power metal opener with spatial atmospheres up to a futuristic western ballad, from speed metal tracks - that wink at thrash and melodic death metal - to 80''''''''s synthwaves tunes, from mid tempo hymns in Teutonic/industrial style to the almost omnipresent Cyberpunk themes. “A Pledge to Darkness” remains in all respects a power metal album but with some dosed contaminations.

1. Continuum
2. Exile to Arise
3. Amber of Illusion
4. Wailing in Red
5. No Beginning (Nor An End)
6. Soldier through time
7. Skin 2
8. A pledge to Darkness
9. Red Flame
10. Man, Machine, Almost Rhyme
11. The Stranger