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POWERWOLF - The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event

Two CD edition. At the end of 2021, Powerwolf - the most successful German metal band to date - fascinated with a streaming event of unprecedented dimensions. Those who thought they had seen everything in the live sector were instantly proven wrong with unmatched audio production and visuals that can only be described as simply breathtaking. The concept of The Monumental Mass - A Cinematic Metal Event was conjured by Powerwolf mastermind Matthew Greywolf, who is also involved in the screenplay, while Jörg Michael is responsible for the cinematic production. The artwork was once again created by Zsofia Dankova, with audio production, mixing and mastering by Kristian Kohle Bonifer.

1 Prologue / Monumental Mass Theme
2 Faster Than the Flame
3 Venom of Venus
4 Stossgebet
5 Demons Are a Girl''''''''s Best Friend
6 Monumental Mass Theme - Sin
7 Dancing with the Dead
8 Cardinal Sin
9 Resurrection By Erection
10 We Drink Your Blood
11 Glaubenskraft
12 Monumental Mass Theme - Confession
13 Fire & Forgive
14 Beast of Gévaudan
15 Incense & Iron
16 Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone
17 Monumental Mass Theme - Forgiveness
18 Amen & Attack
19 Army of the Night
20 Blood for Blood (Faoladh)
21 Armata Strigoi
22 Epilogue / Monumental Mass T