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SINNER - Brotherhood W Bonus Track

2022 release. The heavy metal world has produced quite a few legends. But none is like Mat Sinner. So much conviction, lifeblood and self-sacrifice, so much pure heavy metal spirit, so much dedication is usually not found bundled in a single person. Since 1982 he fronts the band named after him, with which he now triumphantly returns in the form of "Brotherhood": a massive album, whose title is as self-explanatory as the mission of it''''''''s creator. Self-produced and mixed/mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, among others), it is a record that carries the band''''''''s internal brotherhood under it''''''''s heart as much as the brotherhood of the worldwide heavy metal following. "We belong together - and this album is meant to express that," says Sinner. That following is also brought into the spotlight in particular by the numerous guests represented on the album (see below). With hooks, riffs and precise hardness Mat Sinner revitalizes virtues that he co-invented four decades ago. The force and hardness represented on "Brotherhood" as well as the razor-sharp riffs will make even members of the innermost Sinner fan circle topple off their feet.

1 Bulletproof
2 We Came to Rock
3 Reach Out
4 Brotherhood
5 Refuse to Surrender
6 The Last Generation
7 Gravity
8 The Man They Couldn''''''''t Hang
9 The Rocker Rides Away
10 My Scars
11 40 Days 40 Nights
12 When You Were Young (Bonus)