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CIRCLE OF SILENCE - Walk Through Hell +2

CIRCLE OF SILENCE are convinced that this is their greatest album so far, and that it will be loved by all fans of heavier and darker melodic power metal. Smashing double-bass driven tracks, earth-crushing groovers as well as epic hymns - everything a headbanger''''''''s heart desires can be found on this album along with many deep and personal lyrics. Due to the pandemic the band was able to spend a lot of time working on their songs so compared to previous records. Epic solos and lead guitars as well as vocals with up to 5 voices add some epicness to the new record.

1. Down To Hell
2. Prisoner Of Time
3. Walk Through Hell
4. United
5. I Am Fear
6. At War With Yourself
7. Triumph Over Tragedy
8. I Want More
9. The Curse
10. Far Beyond The Sun
11. God Is A Machine
12. This Is War (Bonus Track)
13. Fire (Bonus Track)