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CONCEPTION - State Of Deception - Deluxe 3 Disc -

Norwegian hard rockers Conception are set to release an updated deluxe version of their 2020 album ‘State of Deception’ which was itself the band’s first full length offering in over two decades. Finally accompanied by a full European tour (also the first in 20+ years) which has twice been delayed by the pandemic, but now with new dates added, this release includes a full package of bonus additional content, from re-recordings of their classic back catalogue, to live material, brand new recordings, and even original demos from the early 90s, complete with new artwork, photographs, and a complete set of lyrics. Not to be missed.

1. In Deception
2. Of Raven And Pigs
3. Waywardly Broken
4. No Rewind
5. The Mansion (featuring Elize Ryd)
6. By The Blues
7. Anybody Out There
8. She Dragoon
9. Feather Moves (remastered)


1. Roll The Fire 2.0
2. Silent Crying 2.0
3. Monument In Time
4. Your Own Lullaby (For Matilda)
5. Cry (live)
6. Gethsemane (live)
07. A Virtual Lovestory (live)
08. Reach Out (live)
09. A Million Gods (live)
10. Flow (live)
11. Roll The Fire (original demo)


Instrumental versions of Tracks featured on CD1