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220 VOLT - Mind Over Muscle - Cool Blue Vinyl -

Limited 180gm blue, white, and black marbled vinyl LP pressing. It may be called a complete mystery why Mind Over Muscle, the successor to Powergames, received so little attention in 1985. This can certainly be called one of the top albums of 220 Volt, one of the better pure Swedish metal albums of the decade! Lead singer Joakim Lundholm is doing a great job on this alum, and he has shed all of the roughshod, inexperience of youth to develop into a force to rival with the best. Everything about this record is bigger, longer, and harder and it maintains an immense level of quality across the album. With riffs that kick ass almost the whole way through the album Mind Over Muscle, 220 Volt''''s third album is a truly a Euro-metal masterpiece.

1 The Tower
2 In the End
3 Electric Messengers
4 Power Games
5 Blessed By the Night
6 Secret Dance (Xymania)
7 It''''s Nice to Be a King
8 Mind Over Muscle
9 Whiter Than White
10 Touch of Fire
11 Halloween
12 Pavement Song