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AVANTASIA - A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society

Darkness descends over the hall, the curtain rises. Dear audience, welcome to the wondrous otherworld of Avantasia!

With his ninth album, "A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society", Tobias Sammet invites you to join him on an enchanted journey into his own version of reality, which is full of fantastic events and encounters. It is a captivating, deeply magical universe that Tobias Sammet has built over the past two decades. Since his debut "The Metal Opera" (2001), the Peter Pan of international rock and metal has romped between metal, classical and rock, beguiling the biggest festivals around the world with his traveling circus and working with the greatest voices in the metal world including Alice Cooper and Scorpions'' Klaus Meine.

1 Welcome to the Shadows
2 The Wicked Rule the Night
3 Kill the Pain Away
4 The Inmost Light
5 Misplaced Among the Angels
6 I Tame the Storm
7 Paper Plane
8 The Moonflower Society
9 Rhyme and Reason
10 Scars
11 Arabesque