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PRETTY MAIDS - Red Hot and Heavy - Remastered Japan -

Issued in 1984, "Red, Hot & Heavy") is the Pretty Maids first full length studio recording. Vocalist Ronnie Atkins and the boys score major points for their riveting debut album, as the Danish group pound out riffs and kick down the walls. The hard-charged album covers everything from speedy metal ("Back To Back") over to classic 80s metal tunes like "Night Danger", "Cold Killer", Battle Of Pride", the epic title track or "Night Danger". And what about the super smooth Waitin'''' For The Time" or the great THin Lizzy hommage of "Little Darling". Regardless of their later releases, this is a heavy metal classic. First time ever digitally remastered with the awesome Blu-spec proceedings (compatible with every standard CD player)