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CIRCUS OF ROCK - Lost Behind The Mask

1. Alive And Kickin (ft. Girish Pradhan)
2. Keep On Shining (ft. Jeff Scott Soto)
3. Holdin'''' The Gun (ft. Santiago Ramonda)
4. The War Is Over (ft. Mark Boals)
5. Nine Lives (ft. Mr. Lordi)
6. All I Need (ft. Pinja)
7. Truth Or Consequences (ft. Jay Lewis)
8. Death Makes No Sound (ft. Antony Parviainen)
9. Is It Any Wonder (ft. David Readman)
10. The Beast (ft. Sevi)
11. Fix (ft. Peter James Goodman)
12. Heavy Fire (ft. Rafael Castillo)
13. Sunrise (ft. Bernie Shaw)

Mirka Rantanen