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BAD BONES - Hasta El Final!

BAD BONES were formed in 2007 under the influence of bands like Motorhead, The Ramones, ZZTop, AC/DC and Iron Maiden. The band started as a three pieces band including Steve Balocco (bass) Lele Balocco (drums) and Mekk Borra (guitar/vocals).The band released the first album "Smalltown Brawlers" (Red Pony) in 2009 then they moved to LA where they stayed until 2009. During those first years the band come and go from USA to Europe playing famous venues like Whisky a Go Go, the Paladino''''s, The Derby and Viper Room in LA. In summer 2009 the band plays at Hollywood Rock Convention, in Europe Bad Bones supported Hardcore Superstar, Crucified Barbara, Entombed, Strana Officina, playing in festivals like Italian Gods of Metal (2010). Over the years, the band has toured the US several times as well as Europe, and, after five albums released, now the trio is back with the new "Hasta El Final!". BAD BONES'''' sound has the shape of an old rusty shovel, it has always been there, it dug graves for the dead and it was used to make furrows in the earth where it was sown, it is life and death, blues and punk, rock and heavy metal "Hasta El Final!" hits you like a punch in the face, the band thought it like this, compact and powerful. They didn''''t use samples, nor quantized/triggered fake drums, everything was played live, even the overdubs were kept to a minimum as they wanted to keep the fierce spirit of their first albums