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SINNER - Born To Rock -The Noise Years 1984-1987

7 track four disc box set from enduring German heavy metal titans Sinner featuring four full albums from the band''''s prolific years on Noise Records, with bonus tracks. CD 1 features their third full length studio album ''''Danger Zone'''', originally released in 1984. CD 2 features the successful follow up ''''Touch Of Sin'''' originally released in 1985. CD 3 features the slicker ''''Comin'''' Out Fighting'''' full length album from 1986. CD 4 features the band''''s final full length album for Noise, ''''Dangerous Charm'''' originally released in 1986. Formed in 1982 in Stuttgart, Germany, Sinner released their debut ''''Wild ''''n'''' Evil'''' in the same year. 40 years later the band have released an incredible 20 studio albums of generally melodic metal. The band have enjoyed a rotating cast of members including Accept guitarist Herman Frank for the ''''Touch Of Sin'''' line up. Not content with his output with Sinner, Mat Sinner also formed the highly successful Primal Fear in 1997 with ex-Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers. To date they have released 13 albums of hi-octane metal often compared to Judas Priest. This release features extensive liner notes from former editor of Metal Hammer Germany Thorsten Zahn, including an extended brand new interview with Sinner founding member and mainstay Mat Sinner. The release is bolstered with the addition of six bonus tracks taken from various single releases over the years.

- Disc 1 -

1 Danger Zone
2 No Place in Heaven
3 Scene of a Crime
4 Lupo Manaro
5 Fast, Hard & Loud
6 The Shiver
7 Razor Blade
8 Shadow in the Night
9 Wild Wings
10 Rattlesnake
11 Danger II

- Disc 2 -

1 Born to Rock
2 Emerald
3 Bad Girl
4 Shout
5 The Storm Broke Loose
6 Out of Control
7 Too Late to Run Away
8 Hand of Fate
9 Masquerade
10 Open Arms
11 Fast Decision
12 Knife in My Heart
13 Out of Control (Heavy Extended Version)
14 Born to Rock (Extended Version)
15 No Place in Heaven (Extended Version

- Disc 3 -

1 Hypnotised
2 Faster Than Light
3 Comin'''' Out Fighting
4 Age of Rock
5 Rebel Yell
6 Lost in a Minute
7 Don''''t Tell Me (That the Love Is Gone)
8 Germany Rocks
9 Playing with Fire
10 Madhouse

- Disc 4 -

1 Concrete Jungle
2 Knife in My Heart
3 Dangerous Charm
4 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
5 Nobody Rocks Like You
6 Tomorrow Doesn''''t Matter Tonight
7 Fight the Fight
8 Back in My Arms
9 Gipsy
10 Desperate Heart
11 Last Dance