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BANGALORE CHOIR - Center Mass - 2 Cd Set -

Fronted by former Accept and Bonfire vocalist David Reece, Bangalore Choir emerged in 1991 at the tail end of the 1980s melodic metal movement, instantly impressing the rock press with big choruses, melodic guitar playing and songwriting contributions by Jon Bon Jovi, Aldo Nova and Autograph''s Steve Plunkett! The new album ''Center Mass'' is a direct sequel in style to ''On Target'', sure to excite fans of the debut album and of the melodic heavy rock genre.

- Disc 1 -

1 Spirit Rider
2 Back to Life
3 I Just Wanna Love You
4 Heat of the Night
5 Wind at My Back
6 Blame It on Me
7 Back 2 U
8 Downtime with the Devil
9 Without You
10 While Bullets Fly
11 If the Good Die Young Part 2
12 Love Hurts

- Disc 2 -

1 Just One Night
2 Loaded Gun
3 Slippin'' Away
4 Victim of the Night
5 If the Good Die Young
6 Freight Train Rollin''
7 Angel in Black
8 All or Nothing