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JOHNNY - No Destination -Babylon A.D. Member -

Johnny is a melodic hair metal band led by guitarist Danny De La Rosa who joined Babylon A.D. after the breakup of Johnny. Johnny started out as “The Jets” which was a reformation or the band “Bennie And The Jets”. Vocalist Benjamin LaBarge and bassist Keith Bellino were both from that original lineup. Drummer Rich Carlson who drummed for “Bennie And The Jets” at the very end. Rich would record a few songs with “Johnny”, before moving to Colorado and eventually joining up with Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot) in his band “Badd Boyz”. Johnny quickly grabbed the attention of KISS bassist Gene Simmons who was recruiting the band to release their album on “Simmons Records”. Before the album was complete, the band broke up and Danny got the offer to join Babylon A.D.