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PRIME CREATION - Tell Freedom I Said Hello

Third album from the Swedish Metal band Prime Creation. On Prime Creation''''s "Tell Freedom I Said Hello" the lyrical theme is dystopian. However, it''''s not a conceptual album; each song is standalone andinspired by books/movies and the history of the world itself. The songs often have a melodic but also melancholic touch that binds the music and the lyrics together in an intriguing and compelling way. Guitarist Robin Arnell wrote all the music for the album, inspired by many different bands and artists. The music itself has taken a slightly different approach from the bands two previous album and has gotten even heavier without infringing on the melodies and harmonies. PRIME CREATION is a Swedish metal band that was formed in 2015 and consists of skilled and experienced musicians, playing modern hard-driving melodic Heavy Metal. The band rose from the ashes of the Power Metal band Morifade. Artist Origin: SwedenTracklist:1. Tell Freedom I Said Hello 2. Promised Land 3. Erased 4. State Dominion 5. Fallen 6. Journey Through a Wasteland 7. Receiver of Memory 8. My Last Farewell 9. Into My World 10. Dystopia

1 Tell Freedom I Said Hello
2 Promised Land
3 Erased
4 State Dominion
5 Fallen
6 Journey Through a Wasteland
7 Receiver of Memory
8 My Last Farewell
9 Into My World
10 Dystopia