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After twelve years of band history by now, it''''''''s time to take the new power metal hope Winterstorm to a new level. Their fifth album "Everfrost" is their debut on AFM Records and rightly shows that the German band is compared to groups like Blind Guardian and Rhapsody Of Fire. This is mainly due to the melody, which is clearly in the foreground with Winterstorm and is reflected in earworm-heavy choruses and many polyphonic vocals. Thereby striking elements of different metal styles merge with each other and get a completely new impression. "Winter" stands for Nordic Viking and Folk Metal, "Storm" for fast Power Metal, which together with epic and orchestral Metal shine in a new splendor. "Everfrost" is a versatile and powerful album, which does not have to hide behind proved genre colleagues. All in all an explosive mixture, which finds another highlight on Winterstorm''''''''s latest work.

1 Origin
2 To the End of All Known
3 The Phoenix Died (Remember)
4 Circle of Greed
5 Future Times
6 Everfrost
7 Final Journey
8 Fate of the Atlanteans
9 Crusade
10 Overcome the Fear
11 Silence