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VELVET INSANE - High Heeled Monster

Sweden´s most authentic glam rock band "Velvet Insane" is back with their third album "High Heeled Monster". The album is filled with glam rock anthems and stadium hits, with choruses that will stick on your mind like gum under your shoes. Powerful ballads that will make your skin crawl with pleasure and high energy rock ''''''''n'''''''' roll that will make you wanna party all night long. The album is also filled with prominent guests such as Dregen (Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters), Chips Kiesbye (Sator) & Bonni Pontén (Asta Kask). For fans of Kiss, Slade, New York Dolls and Sweet.

1. Bamalama Breakout
2. Boogie Star
3. Damage Control
4. Sweet As It Can Be
5. Don´t Let The Poor Boy Down
6. Looking For A Rock (About To Roll)
7. Jemmy
8. Hardest Of Hearts
9. Runaway Bride
10. Act Together
11. Saturday Night Till´ Sunday Morning (Feat: Dregen, Chips Kiesbye and Bonni Pontén)