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METALITE - Expedition One

The Swedish melodic power metal act Metalite is back with their fourth album ''''Expedition One'''' which is the theme of a fictitious story about life on our planet in the year 2055. The ''''transparent citizen'''' has become a bitter reality, with physical and mental health conditions increasingly determining our lives. Headed by five ''''commanders'''', a renegade team consisting of former intelligence service and military personnel plus breakaway tech company executives is planning a survival expedition to distant planets. Their mission: to transport mankind from our ruined planet to a new world, in the hope that new life will develop. ''''Expedition One'''' will be released on Jan. 19, 2024 as an elegantly colored Ltd. Double vinyl, as CD-digipak as well as digitally. It inspires with a multitude of varied compositions and an intelligent sci-fi story that couldn''''t be more topical.

1 Expedition One
2 Aurora
3 Ctrialtdel
4 Cyberdome
5 Blazing Skies
6 Outer Worlds
7 New Generation
8 In My Dreams
9 Disciples of the Stars
10 Free
11 Legendary
12 Paradise
13 Sanctum of Light
14 Utopia
15 Take My Hand
16 Hurricane