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HARDLINE - Double Eclipse - Orange Vinyl -

Neal Schon... unchained. That''''''''''''''''s what you get to hear on this 1992 album, as the Journey and Bad English guitarist, freed from the corporate confines of his previous bands, throws down the heavy metal thunder along with future brothers-in-law Johnny and Joey Gioeli on guitars and vocals and a killer rhythm section of bassist Todd Jensen and drummer Deen Castronovo. "Takin'''''''''''''''' Me Down" and their cover of "Hot Cherie" were the hits, but the whole album is high-level arena metal, with arrangements and production by Schon. This one never came out on LP in the U.S., and European vinyl copies of Hardline''''''''''''''''s debut will cost you some hard currency. Our Real Gone pressing comes in fire orange vinyl. Hot stuff!

A1. Life''s a Bitch
A2. Dr. Love
A3. Rhythm from a Red Car
A4. Change of Heart A5. Everything
A6. Taki'' Me Down

B1. Hot Cherie
B2. Bad Taste
B3. Can''t Find My Way
B4. I''ll Be There
B5. 31-91
B6. In the Hands of Time