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RAGE - Afterlifelines- 2Cd Set -

Great events cast their (apparently equally significant) shadows before them: German metal band Rage have announced the arrival of their latest studio album ''''''''Afterlifelines'''''''' in March 2024. The double album will consist of a total of 21 songs, including an intro, interlude and outro. Remarkably, the two records feature different musical approaches: "The first CD is called ''''''''Afterlife'''''''' and comprises songs that we recorded as a trio, while the material on the second CD ''''''''Lifelines'''''''' also includes classical orchestral arrangements," explains singer and bassist Peavy Wagner.

- Disc 1 -

1 In the Beginning
2 End of Illusions
3 Under a Black Crown
4 Afterlife
5 Dead Man''''''''s Eyes
6 Mortal
7 Toxic Waves
8 Waterwar
9 Justice Will Be Mine
10 Shadow World
11 Life Among the Ruins

- Disc 2 -

1 Cold Desire
2 Root of Our Evil
3 Curse the Night
4 One World
5 It''''''''s All Too Much
6 Dying to Live
7 The Flood
8 Lifelines
9 Interlude
10 In the End