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30 years of metal: for three decades, Wade Black has triumphed and stayed metal recording and touring internationally in bands such as Crimson Glory, Leatherwolf, Seven Witches, Leash Law, and Chalice Of Sin. Neither a stranger to change nor afraid of being a catalyst for it, Wade is announcing both changes and some very enticing teasers of things to come in 2024. Born out of over a decade of writing, recording and touring together: after working closely for over a decade Wade and Rich have developed a song writing style that is out of this world and the reason, they chose the name Astronomica. They believe it''''''''s the best way to describe their sound. Looking to the future, they are looking forward to bringing music that captures the heart, mind and imagination of their fans, taking them on a journey to far off places and inspiring them to be their best!
Source: Rock Of Angels Records

1 Deceiver
2 Protectors of the Realm
3 Destiny
4 Monsters
5 Hellwalker
6 Darkness Falls
7 Fate or Faith
8 Chasing After
9 Letter from Hell
10 Sirens
11 Darkness Falls - Edited Version CD Bonus Track