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BALANCE OF POWER - Fresh From The Abyss

Balance of Power are back with new band members and a brand-new album!Founding members Tony Ritchie (bass) and Lionel Hicks (drums) are joined the band''''''''''''''''s new lead vocalist Hazel Jade as well as guitarists Chris Young and Adam Wardle, who have since taken over the reins from guitarists Chris Masimore and Stoney Wagner, with whom the band worked on and recorded the upcoming album "Fresh From The Abyss". Largely about life and death, "Fresh From The Abyss" is a collection of songs that either stops the clock and points to a moment in time or stands back and encompasses the vastness of time and space, and living and dying.

1 Last Man Down
2 Never Be Here Again
3 Monster
4 Rage of Ages
5 Abyss
6 Velocity
7 Deadlands
8 One More Time Around the Sun