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Oz Hawe Petersson''''s Rendezvous is a rock project featuring Osukaru guitarist Oz Hawe Petersson and keyboardist Mathias Rosén, both of whom were once part of the band Eye (Sweden), which disbanded in 2010. Since there were many more stories to tell, Oz and Mathias continued to write songs together. In 2021, Osukaru released their most successful album to date with "Starbound", but since the world was still on hiatus at the time, there were no shows coming up. Oz took the time to reconnect with Mathias and work on new songs. It was finally time to make a real album together. Oz and Mathias come from opposite ends musically, but in classic rock they have found community. With new songs in the works and additional musicians, they called the project Rendezvous. Musicians on these albums include David Forbes (Boulevard), Chris Rosander, Fredrik Werner (Osukaru), Sayit Dölen, and many more. Artist Origin: SwedenTracklist:

1. Tuning In
2. Sacred Land
3. As We Cry
4. These Tears
5. Midnight Lady (Dangerous Game)
6. Fool''''s Gold
7. This Time Around
8. The Essence Of Love
9. All Roads Lead Back To You
10. Never Be