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BLOODBOUND - The Tales Of Nosferatu

Ltd. CD+ Blu-ray Earbook. The Swedish power metal band Bloodbound is celebrating it''''''''s birthday! Twenty years of band existence and twenty years packed with studio albums and a lot of big festival appearances and tours. Now it''''''''s time to pay homage to the band with a live album, which with songs like "Battle in the Sky", "The Warlock''''''''s Trail" or "Drink with the Gods" has earned them an unthinkable place on the power metal throne and a standing as a great live band. "The Tales of Nosferatu - Two Decades of Blood" is the band''''''''s second live album and the package is packed full. In addition to the 2LP version in the matching Blood Splatter design, there will be a CD Earbook, which includes an extra Blu-ray with various live performances and all the music videos. Both configurations will include a comic, which was designed especially for this album and depicts the fictional story of the band mascot Nossen. Those who opt for the CD Earbook can also look forward to liner notes from each band member, reflecting on two decades of band history. So it''''''''s not just any old live album. It''''''''s a collage of everything that makes Bloodbound so good: their shows, their songs & their creativity.

1 Bloodtale
2 Tales from the North
3 Slayer of Kings
4 In the Name of Metal
5 When Fate Is Calling
6 A New Era Begins
7 Battle in the Sky
8 Drink with the Gods
9 The Warlock''''''''s Trail
10 Moria
11 Creatures of the Dark Realm
12 Rise of the Dragon Empire
13 Nosferatu
14 Made of Steel Trackliste: Bloodtales
15 Tales from the North
16 Slayer of Kings
17 In the Name of Metal
18 When Fate Is Calling
19 A New Era Begins
20 Battle in the Sky
21 Drink with the Gods
22 The Warlock''''''''s Trail
23 Moria
24 Creatures of the Dark Realm
25 Rise of the Dragon Empire
26 Nosferatu
27 Made of Steel
28 Trackliste: Bloodtales
29 Battle in the Sky
30 Dragons Are Forever
31 Rise of the Dragon Empire
32 Trackliste: Tales from the North
33 Drink with the Gods
34 Creatures of the Dark Realm
35 Rise of the Dragon Empire
36 Battle in the Sky
37 Stormborn
38 In the Name of Metal