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NIGHTMARE - Encrypted

2024 is the year of NIGHTMARE, unbowed, unbreakable and inspired, ready to take their music to a whole new level, they return. When powerhouse vocalist Barbara Mogore joined after 2 years, it marked a new era for NIGHTMARE. Barbara helped NIGHTMARE transcend into new dimensions and refine their sound. NIGHTMARE are now ready to unleash their brand new and fourteenth studio album, "Encrypted", with the brilliant voice of Barbara unto the world. Encrypted is set to be released in June 2024 through AFM Records!The band''''''''s continued desire and passion to take their music to the next level is still alive!As the band states: "... We have decided to move to new heights in terms of musical approach to make Encrypted our most ambitious album to date in terms of production, musical direction and achievement... You can find here some traditional power metal riffing in the trademark of NIGHTMARE but also extreme metal parts and some highlights even reaching melodic death metal... making Encrypted our most varied opus so far, beyond all boundaries and expectations... "Encrypted" was mixed and mastered in Simone Mularoni''''''''s Domination Studio in Italy and is being lauded as Nightmare''''''''s finest album to date. Already a classic.

1 Temple of Acheron
2 Divine Nemesis
3 The Passenger
4 Downfall of a Tyrant
5 Crystal Lake
6 Lights on
7 Aeternam
8 Under the Ice
9 Black September
10 Anneliese