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GRAND SLAM - Wheel Of Fortune

2024 release. The four-piece band formed in 1984 by Phil Lynott and guitarist Laurence Archer before being forced to break up in 1986, have finally formed the appropriate return with a top-drawer of hard rocking songs which resonate with clear and present verve and energy. Wheel of Fortune is the fully-realised modern Grand Slam sound, striding confidently back into the conscience of classic-rock fuelled devotees who didn''''t know what they were missing. There are no more shoes to fill only boots''''being worn on the ground, with Dyer''''s style and swagger at the forefront of spirited leaders such as "There Goes My Heart", while Archer''''s fiery fretboard forays on the likes of the riffy "Spitfire" are a vital part of the Grand Slam architecture. With the lock-solid rhythm section of Newton and Reid underpinning affairs, Grand Slam not only stand on their own eight feet, they''''re also able to directly engage with their talismanic, legendary founding energy with "Come Together (In Harlem)", a moody, strutter of a song from the Phil Lynott days with (mostly) Phil Lynott''''s lyrics. But make absolutely no mistake: Grand Slam are not a band returning from their past, but a band firing intentions regarding their future, as the epic, multi-layered, steamy swing of "Pirate Song" suggests... Let the music do the talking.

1 There Goes My Heart
2 Starcrossed Lovers
3 Come Together (In Harlem)
4 Trail of Tears
5 Feeling Is Strong (Jo''''s Song)
6 Spitfire
7 I Wanna Know!
8 Pirate Song
9 Afterlife
10 Wheel of Fortune