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SUNBURST - Manifesto

The cinematic progressive metal band Sunburst are finally back with their second album "Manifesto" and it''''s clear that the band stepped up their game. The material is more progressive, heavy, complex and melodic compared to the debut album. The songs are more dramatic and there are more orchestral arrangements and parts on "Manifesto", which gives the album a movie-like, cinematic vibe.

The result is a must have album for fans of progressive metal and bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Conception, Haken and Tesseract! Don''''t miss out on "Manifesto", an epic journey of cinematic progressive metal!

1 The Flood
2 Hollow Lies
3 Samaritan
4 Perpetual Descent
5 Inimicus Intus
6 From the Cradle to the Grave
7 Manifesto
8 Nocturne