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Fredrik Folkare - Guitar, Bass
Steve Morris - Guitar, Keyboards
Tommy Denander - Guitar, Keyboards
Robert Sall - Guitar, Keyboards
Nalle Pahlsson - Bass
Tom Croucier - Bass
Brian Anthony - Bass
Steve Mann - Keyboards
Kjell Haraldson - Hammond
Johan Kullberg - Drums
Josh Devine - Drums
Mick Devine - Backing Vocals
James Christian - Backing Vocals

Starlight (OLIVIA DEI CICCHI Vocals)

Eternal Love (MARK BOALS Vocals)

Princess Of The Night (JEFF SCOTT SOTO Vocals)

House Of Shadows (DARBY MILLS Vocals)

Lying Here Beside You (MICK DEVINE | ROBIN BECK Vocals)

Canít Let You Go (HARRY HESS Vocals)

Eye Of The Hurricane (RICK ALTZI Vocals)

Midnight Sensation (ROBIN MCAULEY Vocals)

Girl From Lebanon (TANYA RIZKALA Vocals)

Donít Be Afraid Of The Dark (THOMAS VIKSTROM Vocals)

The Robe (PAUL MANZI Vocals)