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ACCEPT - Metal Blast From The Past

This is a DualDisc, which contains a CD on one side of the disc and a DVD on the other. DVD Features: Live in Osaka, Japan 1985: 1. Metal Heart 2. Breaker 3. Screaming For A Love-Bite 4. Up The Limit 5. Living For Tonite 6. Princess Of The Dawn 7. Restless And Wild 8. Son Of A Bitch 9. London Leatherboys 10. Fast As A Shark 11. Balls To The Walls 12. Outro (Bound To Fail) Videoclips: 1. I'm A Rebel 2. Balls To The Wall 3. Midnight Mover 4. Generation Clash 5. Protectors Of Terror 6. Slaves To Metal 7. Objection Overruled.

Double sided CD & DVD (NTSC) includes live video from Osaka 1985 (12 tracks), video clips (7 tracks), live Sophia 1993 (3 tracks), behind the scenes, photo gallery & biography, plus nine previously unreleased audio tracks on the CD side, 'Rich & Famous' (Japan bonus track), 'Rocking For The Sun' (never released), 'Morning Sun' (never released), 'Run If You Can' (8-track demo version), 'Down & Out' (8-track demo version), 'Can't Stand The Night' (8-track demo version), 'Breaker' (8-track demo version), 'Burning' (8-track demo version) & 'Writing On The Wall' (acoustic version). Drakkar. 2002.