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ATROPHY - Socialized Hate

Atrophy hail from Arizona and make up the Arizona thrash triumvirate with Flotsam and Sacred Reich. The band formed in 1987 but reputedly the nucleus of Atrophy got together while conducting endurance experiments on a lizard in an ecology class at the University of Arizona! Their debut album "Socialized Hate" was recorded in LA and given a fine production by Metal Blade aficionado Bill Meyers. Atrophy deliver good solid thrash, with an added highlight of the inclusion of some of the most intelligent and well put together lyrics seen and heard in a long time. Limited edition of 2000 hand-numbered copies.

Running Time: 48 mins

Track Listing:

Chemical Dependency, Killing Machine, Matter of Attitude, Preacher, Preacher, Beer Bong, Socialized Hate, Best Defense, Product of the Past, Rest in Pieces, Urban Decay