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ATROPHY - Violent By Nature

Atrophy are an intelligent metal band whose music glimpses sides of life not usually touched upon in the metal world. Violent by Nature deals with serious issues such as war, drugs, racism, and the environment, and does it with a lethal combination of stinging lyrics and balls-to-the-wall musicianship. "Violent By Nature" was produced by Bill Metoyer, (Slayer, D.R.I., and Flotsam and Jetsam), who also worked the boards on the first album, and it contains tracks that co-founder Chris Lykins feels contain some unique differences from the average metal tunes. Limited edition of 2000 hand-numbered copies.

Running Time: 46 mins

Track Listing:

Puppies and Friends, Violent by Nature, In Their Eyes, Too Late to Change, Slipped through the Cracks, Forgotten But Not Gone, Process of Elimination, Right to Die, Things Change