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URGENT - Thinking Out Loud

The US-band URGENT released two albums in the 1980’s, „Cast The First Stone“ and „Thinking Out Loud“, which Classic Rock fans rate still high. While the debut already got re-issued some time ago, “Thinking Out Loud” gets its first re-releases via the AOR HEAVEN CLASSIX series. The band URGENT was built around the three brothers Michael, Don and Steve Kehr, but also featured Yul Vasquez who later joined cult rockers DIVING FOR PEARLS. So don’t mistake this band URGENT with the Canadian band of the same name who released their album “Timing” at the very same time. Well, but back to the reissue of “Thinking Out Loud” which got remastered by Chris Lyne (SOUL DOCTOR), is limited to 1.000 copies and features detailed liner-notes by Dave Reynolds. The album includes 11 very strong Classic Rock tracks in the vein of LOVERBOY, BOULEVARD, Russ Ballard and the legendary STABILIZERS. The sound of URGENT sometimes is more guitar-driven (“I Can’t Take It No More”) and sometimes more keyboard oriented (“If This Is Love”). The highlights on “Thinking Out Loud” are the classic track “Running Back” which sounds like LOVERBOY at their heydays and which was already included on “Cast The First Stone”, the Russ Ballard influenced “Pain (Love Is A Victim)”, the dramatically arranged and Wave infused ballad “If This Is Love”, the heavily grooving “Give Em Enough Rope” and the multi-layered ballad “All Over The World”. All these songs have stood the test of time and have lost nothing of their class! If you like the mentioned acts, then URGENT’s “Thinking Out Loud” is an essential addition to any Classic Rock collection!