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MAGNUM - Live At Birmingham - DTS Dvd -

1. All Englands Eyes
2. Vigilante
3. Pray For The Day
4. Les Morts Dansant
5. Youre The One
6. On A Storytellers Night
7. Stormy Weather
8. How Far Jerusalem
9. Only In America
10. Days Of No Trust
11. Kingdom Of Madness
12. Bonus Features
This concert film is a breathtaking performance recorded on December 22nd 1992 in Birmingham, England, where Magnum laid their roots and formed in the mid-seventies.

Featuring original members Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin and Mark Stanway, the band perform their Greatest Hits live in front of a jam-packed audience at The Birmingham Town Hall.
This is playable on a US dvd player.