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ADRAMELCH - Broken Histroy

The best Italian epic metal band ever returns to battle after over a decade since the milestone "Irae Melanox".
A very high profile work, an impressive concept-disc long awaited by true epic and progressive metal fans from all over the world. Once again a fantastic piece of music that once again will mark the musical history of the old continent.
For too long Adramelch have been defined as a "cult-band", mainly because of their disappearance after their worldly acclaimed debut album.
Though, passion for music and artistry are hard to kill, and as a matter of fact they come back when you wouldn't expect them to.
Equally unexpected is the return to the scenes of the band that so much influenced most of Italian progressive rock and metal bands for the last 15 years.
Adramelch return with all of their majesty, magic and impressive technical ability.
No studio tricks, no "nameless" session-men, just true epic metal at its best.
Quality music for demanding ears, light years away from trends and modernistic contamination, no need to impress the audience with fakes and recording studio artifices.
Enjoy Adramelch's unique style and charming personality, get fascinated by their class and elegance, let yourself get shocked by their singular harmonic solutions.

What you will find in this disc is true artistry, emotion, passion, and whatever made Adramelch write their own page in the book of European Metal History.
History that once broken has now started again, and we invite you to discover it by visiting: "http://www.adramelch.com".

Available in jewel case version and limited edition digipak format.