PRICE: $16.99

REDLINE - Ignition


Here’s a hot new british indie CD that will please fans of no frills hardrock along the lines of DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB or SAXON. The riff ladden opener “King Of The Mountain” (like a mix of WHITESNAKE and LYNCH MOB) sets the tone for the album which consists of 10 tracks of which there’s no filler to be found. On faster paced songs like “No Limits” or “High Price To Pay” bands like SAXON or even JUDAS PRIEST come to my mind while the more melodic stuff (“Twistin’ The Knife”, “Heaven’s Gate”) is at home in DOKKEN territory. “Coast To Coast” features a total DEF LEPPARD riff and “Cold Silence” is an ultra melodic semi ballad which could be another new DOKKEN tune. For an indie the production which includes many layered backing vocals is surprisingly good and with Liam Doherty REDLINE have the perfect hardrock vocalist. Highly recommended!