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VIRON - Ferrum Gravis

One of the best debut albums from Germany ever”, Rock Hard Magazin wrote about NWOGHM, the first CD of the German metal band VIRON. After just one demo-ep the CD was released by a small Greek metal label and received very good reviews in all metal related magazines. Even the title appeared to be a bit polarizing, the CD surprisingly does sounded more like classic US Metal than like Teutonic Metal which often tends to be more “happy” sounding.

After the release VIRON played on several festivals including Headbangers Open Air and Swordbrothers Festival and did small tours and single shows with bands like Ruffians, Majesty, Sabaton or Morgana Lefay. And again they got tons of great reviews in the press, this time for being a great live band.
In 2007 VIRON added a song to the Manilla Road tribute compilation “The Riddle Masters”. This positive development in such a short period of time showed that their previous label wasn't able to handle VIRON in a necessary and needful way. So they agreed to let VIRON go. After receiving several offers, they signed with Metal Heaven in Summer 2007.

NWOGHM included all the songs the band had written until the day of entering the studio. What you hear on the CD is a reproduction of what the band sounded live on stage. On FERRUM GRAVIS the band again didn't use modern studio technics like triggered drums or amp-simulations. You won't find keyboards on the CD and it was mastered just as much as it was needful. Even though the way of recording is quite similar to the debut, the new CD shows a lot of differences.
Much more time was invested into the songwriting process and catchy refrains were a major goal. The CD again was produced at Kohlekeller Studio (Sieges Even, Killers, Crematory). After a month of recording and mixing, FERRUM GRAVIS has a clear and natural, but still powerful sound.

FERRUM GRAVIS shows a huge development of the typical VIRON style and it seems like they have created an album suitable for any metal fan. The style ranges from classic metal to thrash, even within single songs, but everything fits together very well though. They show that classic metal doesn't need to sound outdated, that true metal must not deal with dragons & swords or needs to contain “kindergarden melodies” and that melody and heavyness can go well together. With FERRUM GRAVIS, VIRON will break out of the metal underground.