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RAM JAM - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Ram

In 1977, Ram Jam were catapulted to huge international success on the back of their sole hit single, the stunningly infectious and universally praised, ‘Black Betty’. Out of the blue, the East Coast colelctive seemed poised for a career in the rock ‘n roll fast lane.

Sadly it was not to be. Denounced as ‘one hit wonders’ the five found it hard to fulfil their potential, dogged by record company macahinations and power playing producers. It was this anger, borne out of a lack of control that the group were able to channel into ‘Portrait…’ one of hard rock’s most coveted and revered releases…

Hailed as a five star classic on a par with the best works of Aerosmith, Starz and Ted Nugent, this 10 track outing- originally released in 1978 - is very much a collector’s favourite packed to the rafters with some of the premier hard rock anthems of the era.

Fully remastered, enhanced original artwork, previously unseen photographs and a 4,000 word essay by Derek Oliver.

Track listing: ‘Gone Wild’, ‘Pretty Posion’, ‘The Kid Next Door’, ‘Turnpike’, ‘Wanna Find Love’, ‘Just Like Me’, ‘Hurricane Ride’, ‘Saturday Night’, ‘Runway Runaway’, ‘Please, Please, Please (Please Me)’.