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AMERICAN DOG - All Over The Road Vo. 1 Dvd
DVD Track List: 01. Shitkicker 02. Barely Half Alive 03. Be A Man 04. Workin' Man 05. Drinkin' About You 06. I'll Drink to That 07. 'Urinary Tracks' with Eric Moore 08. Drank Too Much 09. Can't Throw Stones 10. Too Damn Sober 11. 'Ruff Stuff' with Jason McMaster 12. Rock-n-Roll Dog 13. Human Garbage Can 14. Just an Alcoholic 15. 'Mutant Show 2000' 16. Bullshit Goddammit 17. 'The Making of Pussy' 18. Sometimes You Eat the Pussy Band: Michael Hannon - vocals and electric bass Steve Theado - guitar and vocals Keith Pickens - drums and barking vocals Review: When I first received this DVD I had been awake for hours and thought I could put this on the TV, watch a few minutes and slowly drift to sleep. What a stupid fucking idea that was! The two plus hours of American Dog's All Over The Road - Volume One quickly flew by and I soon realized I had been awake for almost 24 hours straight! I've always been a fan of American Dog's brand of redneck metal, but this DVD showed me another side of the group - a humorous side. Lead 'dog' Michael Hannon portrays an up-tight curmudgeon named Sir Loin O'Beef who feels the need to slam the 'dog fellows' every chance he gets throughout the DVD. This character is a riot as he is fed up with this band, calling them 'rubbish, 'sad' and 'scrapping the bottom of the barrel'. I could write an entire review on the asinine cut-downs offered by the pipe wielding stick-in-the-mud, but I'll let you buy the DVD to hear them all. The quality of All Over The Road varies from professional to amateur bootleg, but there are plenty of stand-outs included. Playing live in front of a handful of the band's closest friends during the recording of the 6 Pack EP is a great idea for any rock group out there. Watching guitarist Steve Theado try to play while wasted, the story behind how the band recruited drummer Keith Pickens, Dangerous Toys' Jason McMaster revealing the secret of great sleaze vocals and an insight into the filming of the "Sometimes You Eat The Pussy" video are great little snippets. Throw in the promo videos for "Workin' Man", "Rock-N-Roll Dog" and "Sometimes You Eat The Pussy", the later of which includes a fucked-up midget in a cat suit, and you have the ultimate American Dog collection. And the best part is that with this release being called Volume One, you just know there will be a follow-up one of these days! So buy this DVD, sit back, relax, press play, bang your head to politically incorrect hard rock and wake up with a hangover. That's what happened to me....and I wasn't even drinking! It must have been the smell of stale beer emanating from the TV.
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